The Prix Littéraire for a sensitive and responsible view of the world


This year’s entries of the 7th edition of the La Tour Prix Littéraire, (a literary competition organized every two years, alternating with the Prix d’Art Oratoire) impressed the jury with the students’ ability to express their doubts about today’s society and to imagine dystopias in order to understand how we might build a more human and fair world.

The key word of this competition is liberty. Everyone is free to participate, free to choose the genre and free to choose the content. Manuscripts are submitted and judged by a jury made up of teachers, educators, parents and other adults in the La Tour community. The quality of a manuscript is determined by the creativity the author is able to transmit through excellent writing skills. The best manuscripts are published in book form.

Because this competition is open to all, students also have the opportunity to write in French or in English. The Anglophone Section’s Ms.Kaspereit works to ensure students feel confident in their writing, which couples well with the Creative Writing Elective she also teaches. She works with other Anglophone Section teachers to decide on the best of the English manuscripts. This year, there were 18 contributions in English, all impressive in their scope and eloquence of expression.

This contest is very important because it gives creative students the opportunity to express themselves outside of the confines of the typical classroom essay. Through the Prix Littéraire, students discover the richness of writing. Mrs. Tessier, Director of La Tour du Monde, who organizes the contest with Ms. Kaspereit and two French teachers, says that she hopes that after having participated in the Prix Littéraire, students will have discovered the world of writing and will come back to it. With what she learned from this year’s participants, she would like to stimulate even more personal, sensitive and creative writing among the students.

Congratulations to all the winning students!


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