Semaine de la Presse: Any future journalists at La Tour?

By Samuel DILLEY

For the 30th consecutive year, the French Ministry of Education organized La Semaine de la Presse et des médias dans l’école on the theme of L’information sans frontière. From March 18-23, 2019, each school organized events which introduced students to the world of journalism. Ms. Coppalle and Ms. Barbon, the school librarians, were in charge of La Tour’s participation in the event. Several activities were offered, each varying depending on the level of the students.

Two classes of Seconde worked on a dessin de presse. They compared several types before creating their own. Two classes of Troisième met a journalist who answered their questions. They also had access to the headlines of the AFP (Agence France Presse), from which they took inspiration for their own articles.

Première ES is a section that specializes in subjects relevant to news analysis. Mr. Chevrier, history teacher and head of Première, took his class to Radio France. Although they were not broadcasted, the students were able to talk in a microphone in a newsroom. According to 1EA/AA students, Sybille Demarta and Clara Berenholt, “This activity was quite interesting. It brought the class together. It allowed us to understand the ins and outs of this job.” About a week later, they met a journalist in the CDI for a Q and A session. According to Rosalie Degrave, the journalist interacted with the students in a very “youthful, enthusiastic and dynamic way.”

It was clearly a magnificent opportunity to discover the high responsibilities of the journalism profession. Not all students were interested in journalism beforehand, and that might remain unchanged. It still enabled everyone to apprehend this career in a more comprehensive way.’


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