La Tour Talent Show


In just a few short weeks, an amazing artistic event “La Nuit des Talents” will take place at La Tour.

It will be the seventh consecutive year that this talent show has taken place, and hopefully, it will not be the last one. The talent show will gather all La Tour’s community: students and teachers who want to show their ability to dance, sing, draw, create objects, play an instrument and even act in a theatrical performance. Indeed, it is an exceptional night with numerous talents! Approximately 200 students audition, and 50 students are selected to play a part in 24 performances. The students create the teams, the casting and the recruitment. Last year, 22 students exhibited their paintings, their creations, and their mixd media paintings. The Talent Night is a spectacular event and a great way to spend time with the community. Amaury Boutin (Section?), who participated in  the 2017’s Talent Night said that this unforgettable event allowed him to gain confidence in his daily life and also to show his teachers a different side of his personality. Indeed, teachers, fellow classmates and even family members are often surprised at their students’ artistic skills. As Amaury points out, it is a great way to express artistic skill outside of the classroom.

More than 650 spectators attend this event each year, and there are more than one hundred days of preparation. There is no prize at the end, but perhaps the greatest award is seeing smiles on parents’ faces, beaming with pride. Anglophone Section student Jeremy Doumeng (2EA) revealed that the Talent Show changed his life because, thanks to the exposure garnered by this event, he was asked by a classmate’s father to play the piano in a music conservatory, and now, he is able to dedicate each weekend to practicing his passion.

Beyond the confidence, the pride, and the opportunity made possible by an event such as this, all ticket sales (20 euros per entry) go to associations which raise money to help poor children in Africa.

There are those  who are lucky to participate in this event, but the audience are truly the lucky ones as because Talent Night 2019 is a show you do not want to miss.

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