F’Good, the newest restaurant to try out in the La Tour community

By Arnaud Prevert

In July 2017, a new restaurant opened right next to La Tour. F’Good has a diversified menu from the simple chocolate chip cookie to roasted chicken with pesto. It even offers special dishes for vegans, which is a very nice touch.

The thing that really stands out with this restaurant is the atmosphere. With just two people working in the tiny kitchen, F’Good recreates a very family-like feel. “The objective was to create a space where all generations could get together, discuss and share.” says Saousen Satouri, owner. The décor and nice touches like the little cushions on the school-like chairs reinforce that cozy atmosphere.

Since college, Satouri, a La Tour graduate, knew that she wanted to work in the catering field. When the former owner of the space retired and closed his bookshop, he asked her to take over the location, so she decided to create her restaurant next to the school. Now, she dedicates all of her attention to the quality of the food and the services and is aided in her efforts by her co-worker, Océane, during opening hours of the restaurant,  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

According to Satouri, the most difficult part about this restaurant is not the fact that there are only two of them, but the management in general: “It is physical and intellectual work. Generally speaking, management is just about organization. The more organized you get, the easier it gets to manage.”

The last, but not least, interesting point about F’Good is that, beyond being a restaurant, it is a cultural space. Indeed, small exhibitions take place in the restaurant, where customers can enjoy a cup of tea and a Tunisian pastry while looking at paintings or photographs.“For me, a space that lasts over time must combine culture and exchange. This allows us to integrate an atmosphere that changes according to the wishes of the artists on display. It is also a way to gain a greater openness and to share with your customers more than just a lunch. It is an experience in its own right.”  explains Satouri.

As a graduate of La tour, Satouri still has a lot of contacts in the school. This is why, in a previous exhibit, visitors could admire French teacher, Myriam Cournarie’s photographs of Greece and New York.

Satouri wants “F’Good [to] seek to inspire and motivate all generations, for more sharing and exchange.” Indeed, it is overall a nice place to discover new kinds of food, or just to sit and relax while eating a chocolate cookie.

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