The future starts now!

By: Augustin NATON

A new year started at the Institut de La Tour. While students are trying
to adapt to the new rhythm of their class and making a good start to the year,
some already have to think ahead, two years ahead to be precise. Those are
the 1ère students, especially the Anglophone Section ones, who, because of
their ease with English, have a broader choice of options, must start thinking
about where to study after the BAC.
After having made a choice last year about which course between L, ES
and S they wanted to pursue, they must now start to decide what they are the
most interested in and where they have the better grades. With the help of the
Anglophone section’s admission program, they will gradually, over 1ère and
Terminale, affine their choice to obtain the best course of study.
Most students dream of being accepted in an internationally famous
university, but these only receive a small percentage of students having sent
their “dossier”. This word often strikes fear in the minds of students, as every
grade from the beginning of 1ère to the end of Terminale is recorded in it, and
most universities demand it and preselect students according to it. Indeed,
students feel anxious and stressed when they think about their future studies,
as it is a different environment from what they know and the choice of studies
is very important in one’s life, as it has a strong influence over one’s adult life.
As said by Constantin Tempelman, a 1ère S Anglophone student: “It is stressful
because your future is at stake and you can’t go back.”
Students already have had the opportunity to find out more about
universities in various fares and events they can attend to. Some already have
a precise idea of what they want to study next, while some are still gathering

Another very important matter is whether to study abroad or stay in the
same area. While studying abroad is a good way to discover a new country
and culture and expand one’s horizons, as pointed out by Zacharie Bouquet, a
1ère ES Anglophone student: “After living all my life in one country, I want to
experience something new,” but it can be frightening to make this choice.
According to the review TOUR d’horizon published in March 2018, 28% of
students of the 2017 promotion thought like Zacharie and went to study
abroad, more than 50% coming from the Anglophone Section. Furthermore, of
these 28%, 73% chose to study in the UK. This can be explained by its
proximity to France, so the students can easily see their families over vacation for example. Finally, of the students who have decided to study abroad, 70%
come from the ES and L courses, while only 30% came from the S course, due
to the recognition of French scientific schools around the world. On the other
hand, staying offers stability and comfort, which are very important for study
but limit the choice of university. This, among others, is a decision students
have to make for their future, and criteria must be taken into account.

Indeed, the process of choosing future studies is a long and hard one,
with every decision having to be weighed, in order to get into the university
that corresponds to one’s wishes the most. However, with La Tour’s
Anglophone’s section admission program, students, especially 1ères, can
receive help and do not have to go through the whole process alone, but their
future starts now!

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