The Anglophone Section: your magic key for success

By Apolline GARBOIS

As Roger Bacon said, “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”.
This importance of learning several languages has clearly been emphasised over the
last years in L’Institut de la Tour. But one of the things La Tour could be the most
proud of, is it’s Anglophone Section. English is the most spoken language in the
world. When you speak English, you can communicate with a huge diversity of
people and unlock all kind of life’s doors. So how being in the Anglophone section
gives you a bonus point for your life? What are the values they want to teach their
In today’s society speaking English is essential. Not only you can travel abroad
without worrying about the language barrier but it also gives you more opportunities.
Recently more and more students enters the Anglophone section. Being there is a
great chance, not only you can improve your English you can also learn about the
beauty of American, Australian, British literature and history.Their fundamental
mission is to “provide an academically rigorous and supportive environment which
enables students to achieve academic excellence in English and experience an Anglo-
Saxon learning environment.”(Anglophone Section website). They want their
students to develop an awareness of the world, become more open-minded and grow
their confidence in their full potential. The Anglophone Section also offers the
opportunity to study abroad. Out of 130 students, 30 to 40 studies abroad.
The Anglophone section clearly gives new tools to students and gives them
many opportunities in life. It opens new doors in education as well as in the business
world. Being there is clearly a chance and a plus for future.

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