The anglophone section, a growing team


La Tour’s Anglophone Section is growing this year! Indeed, two great
teachers have joined the team a few months ago. Ms.Clarke and Ms.Swinnen
were interviewed, and revealed their personal background, and their
impressions so far!

Ms. Clarke was born in Npopo, South Africa, and has lived most of her
life in Gohannisburg. She has been a teacher for three years in History,
Geography and Math, and has been a swimming teacher, before arriving in
Paris in February. Before coming to La Tour, Ms.Clarke had been teaching in
Kingsworth, a nearby international school.
This year in La Tour, she teaches history for the 5e, 3e, and 1ères, along
with Geopolitics for the 2ndes and 1ères. So far, she enjoys it : “the students
are very sweet, and very academic – everyone just works very hard – and they
want to be in your classes, which is really nice”.
Outside of work, Ms.Clarke likes hiking, visiting museums and discovering new restaurants. In addition, she loves traveling, which is one of the reasons why she moved to Paris. Indeed, “I like that France is really central, so you can go easily to many other countries ; South Africa is so isolated”, affirmed Ms.Clarke. She can speak Zulu and English, and is currently learning french. She is really happy in France and is planning on staying for at least a few years, along with travelling as much as she can!
One of the two new members of the Anglophone Section team, Ms.Clarke, is really turned towards internationalism, as she speaks multiple languages and teaches one, likes discovering new cultures and gastronomies, and most of all, loves travelling and moving. She will surely bring lots to La Tour’s Anglophone Section, and you are certainly lucky if she is your teacher this year!

Miss Swinnen is a new Literature teacher in La Tour’s Anglophone
Section. She was born in Chicago, then moved to Maryland (East coast of the
United States) when she was seven years old, where she grew up. She then
went to a Univesity in Boston to study Political Science. After that she moved to
London to pass a master, and worked with a company which gave private
English classes, but whithout being in a permanent school like here in La Tour:
she moved to Paris just one year ago.
She has studied Political Sciences a lot and teaching in this school made
her work with books and literature again: she has always loved literature, in
all languages. French was also one of her favorite subjects.
Miss Swinnen teaches Literature to 6AA, 5EA, 4AA, 3AA, 1AA and 3EA, as
well as reading and writing to CM1 and CM2 with StepAhead.
She loves Paris and La Tour: she came to this specific school when she was 15
years old (10th grade) : there was a student exchange between Latour and her
school (Baltimore). “I sat in some of these classes… ”
Miss Swinnen loves to travel, to go out with her friends on week-ends
and walk with them in Paris. She also visits museums a lot, and tries to “take
advantage of everything Paris has to offer”.

Miss Swinnen is passioned by literature and discovering new countries
and cultures. A new great teacher for the anglophone section and for you!

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