Trip To The Other Side Of The World

By Gaia El Asmar

Have you ever dreamed of going to the other side of the world? That’s what La Tour proposed to all the students who are learning Chinese. A lot of feelings go through their minds while preparing to leave for this trip. That is what the three students interviewed described. Firstly, the students were very excited and thrilled to be in a new country. They were really happy to learn about a new culture, as Lucy from Seconde said: “We were surprised with the difference of culture so we were really excited to learn things about China.” Then, the students said that with all of the excitement and the happiness also came the anticipation of not knowing the place where they were going. As Angele says (student of Seconde), [We were] “excited to learn about new culture but anticipating the journey.” Finally, they said again that they were really excited and that they were asking themselves many questions about what the food tastes like, what the cities look like etc. Jade (student of Seconde) said, “We were very thrilled, we have been preparing for this for a long time, we were thinking about it every day. I was thinking about every detail so that this trip would be perfect and wished to keep a good memory of it.”
The emotions that the students felt were a big mix of anticipation, happiness and
excitement. They wanted this trip to be perfect. It is a dream for many people to go there
and they were very happy to be able to go.

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