Students Meet The School Of Their Dreams: An Inside Look at the University Meetings

By Emma Vaulpré

Most of the readers will feel that college applications are very far behind or ahead of them, but for some of us they come sooner than we would have thought. That is why five of the most important London universities came directly to La Tour in October to help Première, Terminale, Anglophone and Anglais Avancé students make the decision of a lifetime.

Since the beginning of the school year, many students have been wondering where they will be in 2019 or 2020. The Anglophone Section welcomed a few schools to La Tour: Royal Holloway University, University of Essex, as well as King’s, LSE, UCL, SOAS and Imperial College. During these meetings, representatives of the schools explained to La Tour students what it is like to study in the UK or in London. Most of the schools have very diverse programs, sometimes ones more adapted for S students (like Imperial College’s engineering courses), ES students (LSE only has economic related courses) or others, like UCL, where it is possible to study almost everything as long as the grades follow. As Mr. Bonnetis indicated to the Premières, the only thing they really need to worry about for now are the grades and the appreciations of their teachers, and if they work hard, all doors will stay open.

Each university has its particular facilities, but all of them proved to their audience that their location was a major asset. The many shared libraries, for example, allow students to study in silence wherever they want. The accommodations work the same for every university, with a range of prices depending on the size, privacy and position. The representatives also presented university clubs and societies that contribute to a nice campus life outside the classroom. Even if London is still a few years away, and even if very brief, this contact was very important to all. It allows students to understand the different aspects of each school and to obtain as much information as possible to reassure themselves. La Tour students were able to ask, for example, how the Brexit will influence the tuition fees or the admission process, as well as talk one to one directly with a representative about personal matters or about specific courses.

These schools are, however, hard to get into as young adults from around the world
apply for these top UK universities. Even if the level demanded depends on the chosen course, all five universities demand a minimum of 14 overall at the baccalaureate for basic courses, usually 16 for specific scientific or economic topics. Complementary tests such as the IELTS or the TOFFLE can be required as well. Once the first trimester grades are in, the terminales need to apply to the courses of their choice through the UCAS website and load their personal essay and letter of recommendation as well as other ordinary information. The schedule must be respected in order to give the students a  maximum chance. As mentioned by the representatives, this is a very big step for all, and that is why Mr Bonnetis is an important help in submitting an application on time.

In 2017, five students were accepted at King’s College London, two at UCL and two
students were accepted at Imperial College. These universities surely do not come easily and the Anglophone Section hopes more will be accepted in the coming years. As these meetings are a big help to both the schools and potential students, many more will be organized during the year to come to show us the pleasure of studying in a well-known Anglophone university. Maybe you will be next…

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