Seconde Class Support New Association

By Heloise Toulan

This year, the Seconde class will be supporting an association called the « Petits Princes ». La Tour organizes this partnership to push the students to be caring and helpful citizens today and for after. On Tuesday the 16th of October, Anaïs and Anne-Marie, from Petits Princes, came to introduce the Association and the project to the Seconde class, as they will go on to support the project autonomously in the future.

First, though, what is this association ? Petits Princes was created in 1987 by Dominique Bayle. Their mission is to help ill children’s dreams come true. It helps them to « keep hope » and to « continue to fight the illness ». They accomplish their dream and at the same time, they forget for a while that they are sick : they are in their own world during this special and unique moment.

The association helps not only every child, but their family, too,  in order to help them « overcome the obstacles ». Because, according to Anaïs, it is just as important to include the brother or sister. They take in charge children from 3 to 18 years old. The dreams can be as different and as unique as from going on a bin collecting tour with garbage men to meeting Johnny Depp!

The Association has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and nearly 7000 dreams have been realized. They need our help and support to finance these dreams (almost one per day), and the Seconde class are going to run for them at the «Course des Héros » at the end of the school year.

(All translations from French to English done by the author of this article).

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