Paris Model United Nations: Pamun 2018

By Sophie de GUILLEBON

This December, some privileged La Tour students attended PAMUN, a simulation of the United Nations. The students participated in several conferences where they took the place of the UN countries’ ambassadors. There were different committees presented to them such as a political committee, a social committee, an economic committee, as well as a human rights and a court of justice ones. While there, every student represents a country and has several topics to debate.


For many years now, 2nde and 1ere students who have taken the PAMUN elective with Mr. Slade in the first semester have been able to participate. This year, the students prepared for the conference for the months preceding the event. “You need to know your topic really well and your country’s position on the topic,” says Talia Tisserand, 1ere, who went last year and who returned again this year.

dsc_01282The students who attended PAMUN learned to debate and to speak in front of a lot of people. Talia asserts “you have to think on your feet very quickly.” It is also an occasion to learn about new topics and countries and meet other students from all around the world.

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