OPINION: Bac Reform: What future for students?

OPINION By Vianney Fraitot

In 2021, the students in France will have to pass the new baccalauréat. For this exam, they will need to choose three “enseignements de specialités” in Premiere and will only keep two in Terminale. But the question they need to ask themselves is: which of them do I have to choose to get into the university that I want ? They will be able to choose between 11 subjects: arts, mathematics, biology, physics, economy, philosophy, ecology and territories, history, geography and politics, stranger language and literature, computer science, and engineering sciences.

The problem is that universities did not share information about what options they want their future students to take for the moment. For those who know exactly where they want to go and what they want to do, it is simple. For example, if I want to be an electricity engineer, it’s obvious I will take engineering sciences, then physics and mathematics.

If you are unsure, however, the choice can become very difficult, because you can’t change your options in Terminale. Another problem is that schools will not be able to let the students choose some options, because they might not be able to find a teacher or to buy the necessary equipment. The only essential thing in my opinion is that universities should give their preferences as quick as possible, in order to offer the students as much time as possible to make the choice of a lifetime.


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