International TV Shows

I wanted to do an original article but which also makes people learn something. Indeed now a big part of the population watches TV shows. But these TV shows are mostly American which is sad because all other countries present TV shows that are different but very good. These TV shows present a different view on culture, religion, love and acceptance depending on the country it was made in. Every time I watch a new foreign TV show, I travel into another world where I learn about a different culture. The TV shows that I am going to present to you are Korean, Japanese, Norwegian and British.

Norway: SKAM

skam.jpgThe story relates the life of teenagers in Norway. They all are between 16 and 18 years old so they still go to high school. Each season is the point of view of a diffferent character. The first season is the point of view of Eva. She deals with boyfriend and friend trouble. Indeed this TV show looks a lot like Skins, the english version of it. But despite the looks, this TV show is not only about teenagers discovering life and trying to fit in their age categories. This TV show talks about important subjects such as religion, sexuality, food issues. So this TV show is to be seen by everyone. There are also beautiful Norway vistas and the acting is really good.


South Korea: The Heirs


This story is about Cha Eun Sang, a teenager living with her mum in Korea. Her mother is a domestic worker in the mansion of a rich woman so she doesn’t make a lot of money. Cha Eung Sang decides to go to America to see her sister but when she arrives her sister takes the little money Cha Eun Sang brought with her, apologizes and runs out. Cha Eun Sang then met Kim Tan after multiple bad experiences. Kim Tan accepts her in his house. In each episode they get a little bit closer and we can see the start of a romance. When they both go back to Korea, Cha Eung Sang learns that he is the son of the woman her mother is working for and that he has a fiancee. This korean drama is really nice to watch sometimes. It is really corny but the romance is slowly developing throughout the story and you just can’t stop watching it. The TV show is kind of a Gossip Girl Korean version so it is for all of Gossip Girl fans (Gossip Girl is an american TV show that relates the stories of the young and wealthy elite of New York).

United Kingdom : Misfits

misfitsFive young people doing community service get struck by lightning on a stormy day and they all start getting super-powers. This english TV show is probably one of the best I have ever seen. The TV show is pretty trashy and full of dark humour. Nathan, one of the five characters is the master of dark humour and uses it very well in the TV show. He gives this show a funny touch that makes you want to watch it all. The other characters are also very interesting. The super-powers in the show can be very nice and incredible but some are just awful and destructive. Also, the acting is amazing. I recommend this TV show so much.

Japan: Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo.jpgThis anime is made from the Japanese manga: « Tokyo Ghoul ». The anime sets up a society where two groups of people dominate: The Humans and the Ghouls. The particularity of the Ghouls is that they eat humans. One day, Kaneki ken goes on a date with a pretty girl he met and after the date they go into a little street where she attempts to eat him. Kaneki Ken realizes that she is a Ghoul and a very powerful one. By a succession of bad circumstances, the Ghoul gets killed and Ken, that has been partly eaten, is close to death. The doctors in the hospital then decide, without Ken’s agreement to transplant an organ of the dead ghoul’s body to help him live. When he wakes up, Kaneki Ken understands that is now half-human half-Ghoul. This show is amazing. It is very gory and can almost be categorized as an horror show in some episodes but all of the characters are different and very interesting, particularly the Ghouls. We discover throughout the show that Humans and Ghouls are in war. We also assist to the makeover of Kaneki Ken between season one and season two. The trailer has very good music and the colors are simply beautiful. This TV show is a must watch.

-By Eleonore C.

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